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Dinelli Harripaul

I love all Salman khan song n movies

Md Mosharraf Hsc


Akash soni

All song are hit hit hit superhit love song my mother all favourite song thankyou so much


i like song..

Aditya Rajput

Salman is the best hero

Swikrit Pyakurel

Ye movie kavi bhi purani nahi hogi..kitna bhi dekho jee nahi bharta

MoolChand Bagdi

बेहतरीन फ़िल्म के बेहतरीन नगमें।

Parveen Arora

Super songs..rly

Sajid Saji


Sajid Saji


Sathya Moorthy

This movie Tamil songs

Suku Paul

ti love dis song

Bijanti Kumari


Atif Zia

nice song

Shashi Pal

Evergreen songs of Bollywood industry ......... Love these songs ............

Mohammedasgar Shaikh



Yousuf Amreen

Vikrant Rane

all songs lovebal aney time

Laxman Bohara

so so so......... nice and ever green hit songs

Himanshu Bhavsar

very nice songs

Sania Sam

dil ye chahe baana ke aanchal

patel shakir


Anita Prusty

Heart touching .

Bandangowda Kj


Iqbal Ansari

lovely songs

Bhgvati Nagre

So very nice song.. Miss you mahesh

Supriyo Chand

Nice Song

shaik imam

super songs

Nadeem Alam

Very nice

suresh B

very fine

Abhishek Gupta

heart touching songs

Sadiqmangloore Mangloore

best ever ever ever ever....salman.........

Rasheed Rash.

lov these songs

Khabir Ahmed

love it😍😚😙

Tasaddaq Shah

Goob Songs

Anwarkha Khan

I love this song bhaijan

Anwarkha Khan

I love this song bhaijan

zahid khan

nice song

patel narad

siraf aapake yaad jina hain.

Umashanker Kushwaha

good song

Muhammed afzal

in every childhood days for evryone this is the most ever romantic movie.

BD Maid Agency


Zeenat Mulla

i love all songs niceeeeeèeeeeeeee

suresh bag

I like all salman Khan 's romantic songs

Rupesh Khangate

all time hits songs.......great romantic songs.....

Rohit K

JethaLal Gada from 12:50 till 13:10

Rohit K

JethaLal Gada from 12:50 till 13:10

Shahid Syed

when i was listen this songs...don't know smile becomes on face and something imagination going on mind. even 2016.
power of #love i think..:)

Asif Iqbal

Good Nice Song Love

yash rana


negroid compatriot

Is it just me or is it just that the opening sounds the exact same as that of The Final Countdown by Europe?

Kobikar Lalon

what a sweet nice memories with this movie ... remind me childhood ..

Bhupal Tamang

Legendary Salman ...King of Box Office

Shankar Khode

i love u

zahidul alam

my favourite movies song

Nazrul Islam

nazrul islam

Salman Khan

best film ever

Meva Singh

nice look

Vipul kumar

old is gold

Saif Khan


Saif Khan


Amol Gokhale

मस्त आहेत यु ट्यूब वरील सगळे व्हीडीओ

Mehgameetei Meghameetei

Meaningfull songs
It is helping to rest

dheeraj verma

unique song

Jitendra Singh

thanks rajshri for hd prints please upload padosan in hd and chitchor

Hive Funnies

Not in stereo (like the original release)

Rajshil Singh

so sweet and hilarious !!!

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