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Nurul Najihah

okay now I knew that Baby Jun and Kyu have such a hot body as well. Man why didnt they show it more often XD

Itzel Triple S

which is the concert they're talking ??


The song right at the beginning of this video is UR Man. If you mean right at the beginning of the interview (part one), I think that might've been Deja Vu.

showmeyourloveofkpop vermigoat

The one at the rehersals?? It's U R Man :)

melody verganio

kim hyun joong and kim hyung joon r like joe jonas here:)

Adriana Fonseca

disculpen alguien me podria decir como se llama la cancion que suena al inicio de la entrevista....sorry someone tell me how the song called that sounds at the beginning of the interview....노래는 인터뷰의 시작 부분에서 그 소리라고 얼마나 미안 누군가가 말해....Désolé quelqu'un me dire comment la chanson qui sonne appelée au début de l'entrevue.....GRACIAS

Shamusa Akasha

me encantaba cuando kim tenia la cabellera larga se ve guapisimo y heo mihombre jajaja


i miss them!! i'm waiting for your comeback<333 saranghe thanks for uploading:)

Diem Le

whats the song played all the way at the end?

Lindy Goh

watching this video reminds me of the times when they were doing activities together.. waiting for them to come back as ss501 together.. hopefully it would be as baby says in 2011.. Triple S would always be waiting...


so pretty that song.. thanks for the subs..


KYUUU!! muscles. muscles. omg. :O.O

Ji Eun Park

thnx : )

Ji Eun Park

whats the song @ 1:45?

Oudi Ali

leader looks hot O.O


just two parts ^_^ it's only one section of the special features on dvd


is this only on 2 parts? where is the 3rd part?ü


what's the song at 2:07?????


whats the title of the song in 1:46?

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