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Jaspreet Sassun

This is my workout motivation song.

Santanu Santra

super song


I want to do her makeup so bad

shane abbas

I must say both this couple would play this song while making out..... In real life.... 😂

Pratham Singh

naice. karan bipasha

King King


Kallu Barua

Kallu baruva

K amithraj

Nice song

kazi abu taher

gana barahi accha hai, but vidio thora hatke hai

Nisa Wahab

Really nice romantic song..bipa amazing...they both really nice togather...its no porn in here ..i didt see anything that bad ..its just how to lover works haha😳😁😁

yatin gandhi

So so so romantic song

yatin gandhi

Sensual song

Mohammed Azgar

for my shona

Fiona Asif

Karan❤❤big fan since dil mil gaye

music mit mir

I het karan and Bipasha ilike Jennifer

Ashok Rathore

Rohan kaliya

Suhayrah Aliyah

i lov Karan Singh Grover!!!! he is soooo hot!!!!

Aamir Sohotra

directory tto new young boy Shem on u

Aamir Sohotra

directory tto new young boy Shem on u

Pinky Prajapati

my faile

JYhira JY


Ananya Dey

bips and karan r one of the hottest couple Bollywood

Nikita Roy

Why ksg is soo hot???

Azeem Khan

very bold song

Bubba Shan

I like that song

dev s verma

John also dislikes this video but his body is better than John Abraham anyday but long way to go for acting

dev s verma

Seriously I'll be honest Karan's body is the best around. Bips beauty fades in front of him. He's got the perfect physique. Song is good too. Thumbs up

Prashant Shrivastava

Nice song😚😚😚😚

The ghOst

Ankit voice 😍😍😍

Valentin Bojinov

бейби обичам те всяка вечер правя секс с тебе

Subal Chandra Das

They are couple and it's nothing but making out with your partner

nina nina

It's not over it's Love 💘

Fairose Aurna

poor karan..can't even buy a shirt😂

Chand Tyagi

Nice song

Raja Arslan

Karan tum jenni k kaabil hi nhi thy
Karan singh Grover you are loser
👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎dil to karta hai k tera moo tor du 👊👊👊👊👊I just heat you 😠😠😠😠😠

Raja Arslan

I heat ksg and bipasha pehly main B karan or bipasha ko like karta tha lekin jab se in dono ki shadi hui hai tab se main in ko nafrat karta hun
itne nafrat mujhe aj tak kesi se nhi hui jitne in dono se hai 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

Fab Guy

I wanna say only that ..bipasha ki jagha koi aur honi chaiye thi..thats it!

rifi 43

the song is all about sex, sperm, cumshot, creampie bc


Now there is no respects of films and this song is good but video is totally disaster really bad

Xtylo Joye

wow it's jst amazing... i love this song and full video also....its really jst osm😘😘😍😍i love it❤❤

Monu Kumar

beautiful songs and video

عادت الفاكد يحن

أستغفر الله

Yuri pomy biswas

Fatima Bhiku

That is good song we like that song KAATRA KAATRA - ALONE. That song is famous famous we listen the song we like. VERY GOOD

Saleena Mayo

I love this song

عمر المكي


annie banerji

this song is so beautiful... the girl voice is so pretty and you dont even have to talk about ankit- always been amazing and will always be. this song is like one of those songs that make you want to fall in love! and the chemistry in this movie is amazing.. its obvious that this is why they got married in real life.

Mustafa Khan

I love this song

Sushant Kadam

Mind-blowing song. One like for that background music. Love listening it again and again.

Shahzad Malik


faizan ali

I dont like video but really i love this song in 2k17

Chanchal 123

nice song

ajay gurjar

ajay singh gurjar bainsla

Nirali patt

anyone 2017?

Rajput Tahir


Naeem Bhutta


mafia king

ankit tiwari voice is just magical

Esmaa khalil


Tejveer Singh

Now T-series = Nudity ! who else agree??

Nisha Khan

amazing 👌👌👌 I am blush 😚😚😚

khan Malik

itna chipkayn gy aur pori ki pori porn film banyn gy toh phyaar toh obviously hga.both the actors look disgusting. yakkkhhh vulgur video bt awsm track

Ая Усманова

а по-русски писать можно?! )))

Aditya Singh

Bipasha you are damm hot day by day you rock in Bollywood love you bless you

divya sivach

he is damn sexy

Rajat Gupta

this is lovely song

Tusar Khan


Mueez Amir

i like she sex

surendra swami

I love you this song

sanjiv varma

karna singh grover has brought stability to bipasha life. he has know become exprienced after two failed marriages and bipasha basu after 18 Years in being relationship. kind of passion and love she has exprienced with john in her early twenties with jism and john handsomeness and sex appeal is unsurpassable he was greek god he satissfied bipasha sexual urges just life anything remember john was only 28 yrs during jism and karna singh grover was 34 Years during Alone. John Abrhram always maintained dignity of Privacy in his relaltionship with bipasha Can anyone show any post of bipasha and john holidaying in a beach. on the hindustan sight. John is know 42 Years even if he was marred to bipasha all his passion would be taimed. Karna singh Grover at age 36 Years will have passion of for more Years to make his lady love happy. in that way Bipasha basu is lucky she will exprience passion and love for Years to come.

Hiền Nhữ

I don't like this

gul mahammed

7406662748. YASEEN Love you. ok

Manu singh

Bipasha is super hot

Hạnh-Minh Nguyễn

The moment you realize they are husband and wife and this is like they get people to pay money to see them do things they do every day and night...

Ali Salamat


Asiya Abid

Qayamat Ki Nishaniyan All Nothing else

GoldDigging GamingNews

Really nice song😍😍

Tasin Ahmed


هِذّيِّأّنِ رجِلَ نِقِشٍ أّلَحٌجِر


Rajthakur Ranthakur

I am coll bay full sexs karne ke liye coll kare my no 7455945519

free hacks

its not a song dam


dont read the comments below, they are from people who dont get laid

manoj baniya

sexy bipasa hot with karan

Prity Patel

most of the mast

Miss Sahrashii

they are married now.. so cute

اخبار مشاهير الترك kara devda

i het you karan becuse iam very😠😠😠😠😠

Sashikanta Mallick

what is this Katra Katra ?

pkease cone back akshara manoj Kumar Chandwasia


نفسى اعيش

انا بعشق كاران بس متخيلتش يطلع بالشكل ده بس احساسه جميل اووووووي

Shaheen Khan

na yaad Teri tuj ko na yaad meri mujh ko

Geet Rajput

my fvt song 😚😚😚😚nd miss u alot my lv neel

Fabio Talukder

he's a gold digger he only left his first wife and married bipasha for money and stardom

ميار علي


Manu singh

Gm love u Bipasha

Huzafa Hassan


زهــوره الحــلاويۿ

فلم تافهه عل صاحبه

Prince A

my fov song so nice song

ketan agrawal


rakibul islam

nice song

Rony Dali



Damn hot.....

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