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buso zenzen

เพลง เพราะ ครับ




i think he looked better with shorter hair like in silence or even in meteor garden his hair was so adorable but in this it's just a little TOO long and its like parted in the middle or something haha but oh well he's still adorable!


his long hair were extensions XD they made his hair longer on purpose because in the manga Mars, zaizai's character had this kind of hairstyle. ^^


LOL!! ME 2!!!!


i love this drama it was full of emotion every episode was great!!!


Oups..hehe :P My bad :(

Beautee Look

Coulda sworn this is was Taiwanese soap...

wendy mok

vic is so cute i wanna see more does anyone know which ep is when they girst kiss i wanna watch it so bad but i can't seem to find it


This song theme would be very nice on piano-notes... Anyway, this is a very nice korean drama series! I hope someone will find the sheet music for these song-themes of mArs.

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