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Miss You...always.

Vanlalhruaia Khawlhring

Naruto amv brought me here.
"Will you fight or will you walk away". Niceee.


So many fucking bible bashers here trying to use this song to spread their bullshit. I'm an atheist but I can appreciate this music without letting religion interfere, please try do the fucking same...

Da Giraffe

Like.. I feel myself listening to this more and more every single day. Because I feel the need to be myself in school, but I just can't. I'm scared of the way that people will think about me. I'd rather have them not know me then hate me.


This song is so much better at 1.25x speed.

Rage Tech

This is a Christian band??? The lyrics sound like they are doubting God.

I am atheist BTW.


I've only listened to the Nightcore version because I couldn't find the original one before... Jesus f**king christ! THE SINGER IS A GUY?!!!

For anyone who doesn't know what Nightcore is (the reason how I was mistaken of the gender of the vocalist):
Nightcore is (at least how I understand it) mostly remixes of songs with higher pitch and faster tempo.


Eho fhrt baht qlkre vó yuor

Namjoon's Dimples

omfg my emo times were so strong

Jorge Angulo

me encanta

Khaled Bin Abdulaziz


Kenpachi Zaraki

The begginning reminded me of the song "its too late" :p

jean Pool

llegue por un amv de bioshock infinite alguien mas ...

Jabari Sharpley

let gods fire burn

Brent Vialva

Who else was brought here by nightcore

Iker Vázquez




Tsukasa Kiryü

this song keeps me alive.

Pavel Juarez

Tantos comentarios en ingles me estoy sientiendo raro oyendo esta musica

ren /

進撃のmadから!なう(2017/08/01 03:06:18)

Dracula The vampire

this is why Red is my favorite color

Ťhe ÜñDëR.GroûñD.07

Soo good ~.~ make me happy when i liesning "$


goku tribute anyone?

k8ie I love you

Hello yoma ❤️

Peanut Ninja

Favorite song of all time


wait is it not "I don't watch the city burn"?


I like this song for hi is !

Imperial Guardsman

Yes i like watching on fire. And how it purificate the land.

Ayato Sakamaki

I love this song.

ALpha TUbe

why?? why am i crying??

sokfd kfsop

why the fuck there's so many religious people in here?

Rusher 001

when you see your school report "Let it burn! Let it burn!"


red always does it for me. such a cool, epic, badass song that makes you feel like a winner



Jéssica Ribeiro

Their musics are so powerfull

Its_Ragez _

This song suits obito from naruto

وليد العسيري


Рамазан Муртазаев

I Russia=)

Dona Lee

this is homra's theme song (red clan from k project :anime)

The Hair Of Slytherin

I know this is meant to be about Jesus, but it vaguely reminds me of Neil Gaiman's Sandman...


Death Note was SHIT... Incredibly shit...

Britnol Scott

Naruto brought me here

Alicia Byron

i love this song
let it burn

omar Denguir

perfect and cool

Psycho Moon

this song feels like someone is hugging you while you feel very shitty

Raul Cruz

No I hate this song it reminds of my ex girlfriend

Maira Rodriguez


Sima Kosmos Iz Dalekog Svemira

Can anyone recommend me more songs like this? :D

joker angel




minorin park


Kenna :3

I'm currently scrolling through the comments, many commenters are here for a reason, whether it be to break down or analyze the song, you enjoy the song, but for whatever brought you here is important to you. (This is a key part to what I'm going to say). I might be wrong on that one, but just pretend you know what I'm talking about.

So, the reasons why I'm here? 1. I've been wanting to listen to this song again, and just now decided to. 2. I always come to this music when I'm stressed. 3. I wanted to give my own interpretation of the song.

My own interpretation;

The singer is someone who struggles with some sort of demon. Whether it be a rough past, maybe someone passed away, or some sort of troubling thing, they're just struggling period.

Here's where the actual song kicks in;

The singer's loved ones know what's going on, and they're staying out of it, not knowing what to do for the singer. These loved ones lead the singer to question his/her loved ones and themselves, will they do anything? Or will they just stand there, as the singer falls deeper and deeper into the darkness?

The singer's lost, just waiting for their loved ones to help them.

The main question for the people reading this comment: How would you feel if you were in this type of situation; All or any answers are uncertain, you feel trapped, it's obvious to people around you. No one even knows how to help, let alone step in.

That's just my own interpretation, no hate please, it's just something that pops into my brain every time I listen to this song.




I love this song ! You can hear the sadness and pain through the lyrics AND the music. Even the Instrumental version is just as powerful as this version. This is why I love this band

Evan Wright


lilmiss pinkypie

im falling in love with this songs instrumental i swear lol


jesus christ how did i not realize how unbearably edgy this song was in 2012


When I fist listened to this song I thought it was about that city in the bible Gomorra where all the sinners burned because of their sins so I felt it was blaming God but I listened to it again and it spoke to me as a sinner having a choice to burn down with my sins or fight for my salvation.

K Bear

Wait wasn't that one of the singer's wife providing the backup vocals?

Surasak Sengna

Let it burn yeah yeah


oh I liked this a lot first time ever listening

Chris Cintron

Clearly this song is about a bad experience at Taco Bell. Now stop arguing.

Marto Parto

samurai jack season 5 amv brought me here


this should have been Pain's theme.

nichole bryan

exactly how I feel right now..

Antonio Fox

Who else discovered this song from "The Story of Naomi" video by A.L KELIY

Tumul Sharma

amazing voice.....amazing lyrics....amazing music.....10/10 song..

Ana Yadaga

3.000000000000000000000000000x LIKES ♥♥♥




I think the song has 2 meaning, but I can't pick them out. I think he's talking about revenge and anger (How long will you Let it burn) and I know there's a Christian meaning, but I can't place it. Can someone help me out here please ?

U. Offor

The Legend of Superboy Prime brought me here.

owen ramey

all i can say is red is a great band and i can releat cuz someone let it burn i have to untill i found great bands like this i was on a self destrucktive path

kpopper 1

i like the sad songs of red ..! its really touching

S9y Advent

I've always seen this song as a rallying cry for you to fix your life

Wioletta W

repeat! so incredible, so beautiful

Solariser ゚

I came here because of an AMV.
I stayed here beacause of RED.


my heart is full of happy


Obitos's song </3

Kikee Ball

I LOVE this band. sometimes their songs can make you cry.

Anastasia lee

I'm here because of a mysterious source called fanfiction

Anastasia lee

when trump starts World War three

Meg Griffon

I came to the comments to see if anyone was going through something similar to me but all I see are comments of people complaining about other people


Only remembered about this band again, I used to listen to them years ago. Ah, memories.

Nessie Jr


Kenny McGuire

Actually didn't think Red was a Christian Rock band ._.

Selly Skeleton

LeL, Red is satanist band


I heard of this on nightcore



john banner

i like this song



xCatnessx Gamez

Let the hate rs burn 🔥メᏟΔŦΠΣֆֆメ


This song brings back memories of which I really miss


this song is perfect for a dragon ball amv <3


... probably you don't understand red, but it's an christian band, so stop speaking about amv or anime characters

Syamantak Dutta

Fits well with Batman

Manaia Macion

"I watched this city burn..." the city is my body and the fire is all the pain nd fear taking control of me....~ Oreo Wolf.
smiles and tears up i'm so happy i listen and like this songs, cuz really deep inside i do like the pain and darkness.....


This song.. its so beautiful, i love it

Bella the cockatoo

a large majority of you are fags. you probably know it too hahaha


am i the only one who came here because of nightcore? but still my favourite song


Wow, it´s realy 6 years ago? Where is the time...

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