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cray nelson

this cover reveals the darkness of these lyrics i think. they dont stand out as much in the original version. although the original is great

Facu Ponce

felt goosebumps


I like hearing a cover done sort of "outside the box", so to speak. If you want to hear Linkin Park do a cover you wouldn't expect them to do, do a search here for their version of Adele's "Rolling In The Deep".


it's beautyful

Kang Mas Aldi

mark zuckerberg do it good


I love the fact he chose this song, when we heard Chester sing it it was a very metal style song and now that Coldplay does it I find myself hearing what I think is a message Chester left for us, I love both versions so much, I respect them for doing this song in their own style so we can hear it differently

Jojo hanna

big respect, god bless coldplay! love you guys ♥

Zsolt Gergő Dobay

Thank you for uploading!

michael vrbatka

This makes some cover versions so good. To sing a successful song in its
own way. You do not have to be Coldplay or Linkin Park fan to recognize the
intention. A musician pays respect to the other, appreciates and thinks of him.
Pity that some cannot see or want to see what Chris Martin does. But
that is just the world today. . . . PS: Some comments here are disrespectful.

Alvaro Cheherlian

Beautiful cover!


9 of 10 peoples agreed this is good.

Tobias Tjia

Piss of shiet

Leo Machicao Mejia

Mi cantante favorito cantando una cancion de mi segunda banda fav
Hubiera qerido q fuese de oyra forma

Amedh Khapare

Rip chester and what lovely voice chris martin have he can make metal song look like poem.

Ale Lita

Amazing 💖💖💖 thank you Chris
Rip Chester ☄☄☄


not only you ugly haters can choke, y'all also need to go get your ears checked, the cover is so amazing?? it's a tribute and you should shut up even if it was actually bad but it's so good?? i'm done with y'all


This is sad, and beautiful! 😦😩

Wibo de wit

my hart go boem boem so nice

Ansh Kathpalia

ruined the original version, but the sentiment matters

Glenn P

Rushed cover, no feeling


No one EVER will sing this song like Chester did. Coldplay just added their own style, and it would he pointless to try to sing it like Chester.

jonathan light

Now that Chester is gone I can hear all the hurt in his songs like crawling, in the end, numb, heavy given up and ect. Shit we need to start looking at rock stars and understand they're writing music to help themselves out with issues they went through and not think they are writing those lyrics for us

Dart Vade

Yeah that's a terrible cover


The fuck is he singing ?

NoFap Physicist

Why did he choose this song lol he can't sing it


I know he means well by doing this cover but it's not the best is it?! Some songs can't be covered, this is one of them. Stick to your own songs Chris!

mahesh kumar

the voice chester has is so profound that tear starts rolling automatically no one can beat that ..


i feel pike through the anger in which chester preformed crawling, this is the perfect contrast to that blackness that once was. to many of us who witnessed Chester's emotions, anger sadness and his depression by releasing it in his music should all appreciate this lighthearted version.

Tarun Mudliar

A big Thanks to Chris

Clary Buffay

I love his version, I think that singing shadow of the day or leave out all the rest would have been by far worse because of how tragic was all this, idk why people are complaing. This was just a tribute not a funeral.

George Benson

Steve Martin you can't sing as good as Chester or anybody with a right mind.
You are a disgrace to yourself, your family, society and your band. I wish you weren't allowed to be on the same stage where the legend performed.
Pls learn to sing the right scale. Your fame is getting ur better of you. Don't behave like a retard.

George Benson

Chris Martin made a joke to someone who had been inspiring the people and the boys of Kolkata India by singing one of Linkin Park'a Crawling and made a fool of himself and his band Coldplay.

Biswajit Baruah

Its so awesome version of this song

MD.Ashfaquzzaman Nova

Leave out all the rest or shadow of the day should've been the choice, anyway nice piano work

Agnes 85

Thank you Chris from Coldplay...are you hear it Chester,hope you will smile and wandering outside universe now:-)

Reece Mccarrison

So much negativity. Amazing Chris you're such a humble man and a great role model for people. 💕 COLDPLAY FOREVER 💕

Filippo Pescarolo

Jesus, calm the fuck down guys.
This was an heartfelt tribute from one great artist to another. Coldplay and Linkin Park are totally different, but like any other band (and like every fan around the world) they are connected by an universal thing, which is music. This is not a matter of opinions, sometimes you should just shut up and listen to music, which is what we all live for


Everybody hating on Cold Play here think for a second. This isn't a cover for money or coverage, I really doubt they need it. It's a cover to honour an amazing persons memory and what they offered others.

Deja Vue

Does every hater in the comment not know what a tribute is?

Patriot Pinilih

2:09 this make me laugh so hard

Steven ZJ

i always dreamed of Linkin Park, Coldplay & BMTH one day touring together. this is good enough for me 😢😢😢😭

Axiom Ape

So many people complaining...Have you never heard of musical arrangements? It's not supposed to sound exactly the's a different arrangement. More importantly, it was a sign of respect.
It would have been awkward if he tried to sing it like Chester. I'm not really a huge Coldplay fan anymore, but this was still appropriate and very nice in my opinion.

Saptashwa Chakraborty

they could've covered shadow of the day or valentine's day or maybe leave out all the rest. Christ Martin's lacks the energy for a hardcore LP song like crawling. RIP Chester. Anyway it was a genuine effort, so kudos!

Alana Beber


Ra Va

awesome...thank you


I was there, and was pleasantly surprised and absolutely LOVED that he covered a Linkin Park song. There are parts that show the potential this cover had, but it does seem a bit unrehearsed. Love it either way, but I do wish it was a more polished cover. Nice sentiment.

Michael Lestar

Negative comments on something like a tribute cover just shows ignorance and lack of soul... it's not like it is for notoriety or some Egoic pleasure... it's a tribute (no minds...)

Youza 75

Immenso come sempre il grande Chris!


You realize just how great of a vocalist Chester was when you hear covers. I miss him too much. Chester Charles Bennington 1976-Forever❤️🙏🏼

Venatix_ 92

As much as I love the fact that Coldplay sang an LP song in memory of Chester, they could have chosen Shadow of the Day, or Leave out all the Rest; Crawling is a very high pitched song, that doesn't go well with Chris's mellow voice.

Laura Whelan

he couldve went with a softer song for a tribute

Somnath Das

Awful! But appreciate the 'Tribute!'

Mohammed Monabbir

Made crawling sound more...unmanly.


he sang this in his own way, but this does not have the strength, the essence ... simply, it's not that ;)

Sasha Butsenko

Great, I like it so much. I love Linkin Park and Coldplay is my favorite band too.

Paul Cartwright

Sounds crap but if that's how he wants to say bye to Chaz it's ok with me

Sherlocked Potterhead

People on here saying that this cover sucks, its the sentiment that counts. Coldplay didn't do it to match up to LP nor did they do it because they think they can cover it well. Their genre are completely different. This was done to honour chester's memory and honestly, it was beautiful. So just stop fucking whining and try and appreciate sentiments and feelings maybe.

Paloma Letelier

so nice that a group like Coldplay that its completely different honor #LinkinPark and their lost #RIPChester....


Ficou bom nao , mas ta bom !


A most beautiful way to honor his memory. What a touching version of this song.

Pilar Mendoza

thanks Chris for this tribute to Chester,i love Chester,i love you Chris.



master chief

why are you hating? this is beautiful just for the fact that its one more tribute even weeks after what happened and means that we have not forgotten about him. all the world would still be here to remember him for years.

Annalisa Jewels Fantasy

Very emotionally...beautiful and so sad song....Great Chris Martin, Chester r.i.p.

Kitchen Sink

Did he... Sing the first verse twice? Oh well, it was still very beautiful

Errold Paez

Linkin Play or Cold Park?

Lisbeth Salander

finally a tribute with a lp song...the most sing theyre own songs....and tell they wanna pay tribute.




Its awesome ty Chris , <3

Kc S

Nice song and beautiful voice but who the hell is equalizing so bad

Yogi Iswara

Rip la vida Coldplay

abdullah al mamun

what name of this song???

Reżyser Życia


Anirudh Iyer

He can't remember lyrics at all, can he 😂

Nuha Neha

Linking ??? Linkin Park bro,...

Ashraful Haque Rasha

when your favourite band pays tribute to your another favourite band 😍💖

💖coldplay 💖linkin park

Lorenz Adrian David


Maria Eduarda #RipNaw;-;


Apoorva kumar

Linking??? Really??


this is the most beautiful tribute so far... tx chris you give chester justice that he deserves

Nurul nuruls

Coldplay you will always have my respect!

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