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can we get a linkin park only version of this song?

Eka Pramanik

miss you chester

Kassandra Lopez

How do you say goodbye to some one that was your childhood and that every song they did is like they knew what you were going through and you felt some one out there understood you !
I won’t say goodbye yet ...💔#LEGENDSNEVERDIE

Çheryl Matthews

Chester was the singer ever

Jamx Knows

R.I.P Chester 💯

Ghost 371471

Good goodbye brother :/

Mateusz Bykowski

Good job!

Deathskull 4768

Good Goodbye (Official Video) - Linkin Park (feat. Pusha T and Stormzy) Alvin from alvin and the chipmunks


rip chester

The Lyrics World

Miss You chester😭😱😭

Trần Sơn Tùng

Tuyệt vời


Diwash Gyawali

Good Bye , my favorite artist

Немо Капитанов

It is like Mortal Kombat?

Musical Taurus

As of this day, it is globally believed that this little girl is one of the reason Chester bade us farewell....

Suicideproofofnow -

I think 20000 people thought the dislike button was the 'dis I like' button

Emerson :'v Miranda :,'v

These assholes first they were like no this song is shit but after chesters death they all be like rip chester it was a good song those are not true fans.

Jacob Yanez

R.I.P my good friend 😔

Kathi Trägler

Chester what did you done? ...We miss you so much.😔😭

Elodie K-C

Goodbye chester 😫😫😭😭 .

Fobos Clan

te hecharemos de menos


nooooooooo linkin park chester

mos lanugul

See you chester

Johannes Sauer

Rest in peace chester :(

Hiro Life / ヒロライフ

I still miss u Chester u are really gone? if that's true rest in piece good bye Chester.


Illuminati confirmed.

Everything Anime

Son: Dad, what is your favourite music band?
Father: Linkin Park
Son: I never heard about it dad ..
Father: How can u donno linkin park..Listen this properly son i will tell u the story of this legend band that all people in this world will never forget about it ..
#RIP Chester I miss u so much..

Wade L.

I know you can’t make some one not end their life’s but if a 10 year old can put together what he’s talking about, then (at least from what I know of) why did nobody do anything about it

Wade L.

Rest in Peace Chester, we will miss you

Byakmwan Langel

Chester Is A Legendary Being... Nver 4get U

Emilio Acevedo

Chester isnt dead hes in cuba with 2pac and all the others. IF only that was true.


Miss you sooo Chazy 😥😥😥💔💔💔

Rabie Charfeddine

I really feel so tired from life and have difficult time with it not from this moment but from a long time ago.However, how can I manage a life without you Chester.


Is the media system fucking with us here. Was Chester murderd or sacrificed.. this music video is cultish and satanic and just wtf is going on the media is controlling something here.

CT Gaming

Good goodbye Legend #NeverBeForGoten

Pri Nomoto

I miss you Chester... :(

linus hoven

Goodbye Chester you will be still in our hearts😢

tobias rydberg

MIss you forever Chester

Roksanasana :3

forever in our hearts miss u so much ;c


Stormzy snapped on this joint for real for real

Meli G

Good Goodbye Chester✨😔


R.I.P from #Germany

Liza Gerts



Goodbye Chester😢😢😢😢😢

Felipe Negro Montiel

Caminaaaan, caminaaaan!!! No valen esos puntos!! (?)


<3 Chester Bennington

Keith No

One of the worst music videos ever.


Norma Tancošova


sad goodbye

Никита Орешков

Прощай Честер!!((

Трок Тривин

Я тут единственный русский епта


still cant belive. miss u.

LavaArctic 9

Good goodbye Chester

Matthew Conway

The 20,000 people that disliked this video , had no place to go .

Mikee Lim

So say goodbye and hit the road
Pack it up and disappear
You better have some place to go
'Cause you can't come back around here
Good goodbye
(Don't you come back no more)

Live from the rhythm, it's
Something wild, venomous
Enemies trying to read me
You're all looking highly illiterate
Blindly forgetting if I'm in the mix
You won't find an equivalent
I've been here killing it
Longer than you've been alive, you idiot
And it makes you so mad
Somebody else could be stepping in front of you
And it makes you so mad that you're not the only one
There's more than one of you
And you can't understand the fact
That it's over and done, hope you had fun
You've got a lot to discuss on the bus
Headed back where you're from

So say goodbye and hit the road
Pack it up and disappear
You better have some place to go
'Cause you can't come back around here
Good goodbye
Good goodbye
Good goodbye
Good goodbye

Goodbye, good riddance
A period is after every sentence
Did my time with my cellmate
Maxed out so now we finished
Every day was like a hail date
Every night was like a hailstorm
Took her back to my tinted windows
Showin' out, she in rare form
Wings up, now I'm airborne
King Push, they got a chair for him
Make way for the new queen
The old lineup, where they cheer for 'em
Consequence when you ain't there for him
Were you there for him?
Did you care for him?
You were dead wrong

So say goodbye and hit the road
Pack it up and disappear
You better have some place to go
'Cause you can't come back around here
Good goodbye
Good goodbye
(Don't you come back no more)
Good goodbye
Good goodbye
(Don't you come back no more)

Let me say goodbye to my demons
Let me say goodbye to my past life
Let me say goodbye to the darkness
Tell 'em that I'd rather be here in the starlight
Tell 'em that I'd rather be here where they love me
Tell 'em that I'm yours this is our life
And I still keep raising the bar like
Never seen a young black brother in the chart twice
Goodbye to the stereotypes
You can't tell my kings we can't
Mandem we're linking tings in parks
Now I got a tune with Linkin Park
Like goodbye to my old hoe’s
Goodbye to the cold roads
I can't die for my postcode
Young little Mike from the Gold Coast
And now I'm inside with my bro bro's, gang

So say goodbye and hit the road
Pack it up and disappear
You better have some place to go
'Cause you can't come back around here
Good goodbye
Good goodbye
(Don't you come back no more)
Good goodbye
Good goodbye
(Don't you come back no more)

Charles Brown


Jan Křížek


Aurora & Lily

Good Goodbye Chester we all love you are our favorite Share this on all of linkin parks videos


Good Goodbye Chester...


videoclip sponsored by Mercedes 2:12

Elżbieta Matracka

Madi Nicole

R.I.P. Chester Bennignton💓 My Mom grew up listening to you!💖

Ra Zan

Much love Chester from Nepal ❤❤🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵


Dont understand why Nobody did anything this song was here to say i want to kill myself and this was the last song for the Fans Rip Chester

Justin Rose

lov u chester

Josef Trojánek


I think LP’s “One More Light” has a ton of Great Tracks !! Anyone so blind and closed minded to even think for a second that 2017 would mirror that of Hybrid Theory or Meteora doesn’t know a thing about music, artists or the fact that Music is made to reflect changes in their life, experiences in which they have lived through.. Those albums were released in 2000 & 20003, 17 and 14 years have PASSED !!! One more Light has given us Good Goodbye, Battle Symphony which was used by the NBA to promote the FINALS, Heavy, Talking to Myself which was released on the day of Chesters passing, and the song that will forever be known as the song that was dedicated to Chris Cornell after he passed, and the song that will always stick in the minds of TRUE LP fans as the Song that sums up the entire album, and the period of time in everyone’s life when Chester left this world.. It pisses me off to read comments on YouTube of FB Talking shit about this album because this is a kick ass album that represents the final chapter of the original Linkin Park that was founded back in the 90s when I was still a teenager.. Not to mention they’ve received 11 more platinum certifications on singles just since Chester passed..

Der Nachkomme


Melody Gooden

im 37 aamd remember when the guys came out. do you kiddos understand how the industry was changed to mix rock with rap and put on a dark edge? hybrid theory was the shit. i still have that cd. 17 years old and multiple car crashes with linkin park in the cd player buti still have it. linkin park is amazing. thay have been with me since my teens now i use it as pump music for my cross country runner. my beautiful daughter. wish chester had known how strong music effects people. i was ready and excited to hear about the new album. im just so sorry he couldnt find the help or happy in life. Chester was remarkably talented and will be missed

Sarah Müller

I miss you so much Chester 😢

Niram Medic

Emir Deloareyes

was the best singer ever on earth

Leticia Silva

Good goodbey

anonymous user

Милана Сулейманова


owais farooqui

chester is alive .....i think he just want to leave this celebrity life...and just to live as a common man

Weird Awesome

Goodbye chester😖

Rap Boy

Gone but never forgotten


Use ur headphone

Marcus Fisher

R.I.P jester 2017 disserpered in our eyes :(

First Name Last Name



Rip :/

stella yang

Good Goodbye
22:20 Mike: we just shot a video for it
Chester: it's sick...I want to just like spew the awesomeness

The Last MemeWarrior

I shall. Create impedance with the cosmos and the laws the of suns by the power of my naked body! //

The Last MemeWarrior

I am the lord of chaos spawn and I am going to induct you in the ways of knowledge and power by the power of fear. Fear is the beginning of knowledge. Be unmoved in the midst of fear and horrific vision. For in thine slightly weaker state you are infact a god over literal demons... But you are a creator of demons... For chaos spawn are not alive but are personafied energy created by the brain and as I said before, I am the Lord of Chaos Spawn. :#:

Haley Kaylor

I actually I watched this when a friend left to Savannah to live there on the day and I cryd

Rini Rini

So sad.. :'(

Gemma Mills

RIP Chester ❤️

Cy4nCr33p3r 06

Good goodbye Chester

Matěj Šašek

Chester in my heart

The Red Owl

DAMN, i hate goodbyes :( </3

Егор Урулин

Я из России. Спасибо Честеру и компании за лучшее детство)

Alisa Carlson

Noooooooo Chester 👨‍🎤🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


Linkin trap wtffffffffffff

Wajih2 Touati

Good goodbay chester we are all missing you my childhood legend R.i.p

Mari S

Yo Mike droppin beats ago tho

Dave Hoe

I personally think this was Chesters way of saying goodbye to his fans. Chester you have been an inspiration to so many people and musicians in the past 10 years. I hope you RIP as you certainly deserve it. In the end you made an Impact and you will never be forgotten.


The sad thing is a little girl managed to fly and just did a chest throw and it went in


this isn't a suicide note, this is the only sarcastic song the album and it's about basketball, while Pusha T and Stormzy parts are about themselves

Nancy Rasser

Dear Linkin Park.
Don't say Goodbye, don't hit the road. Don't pack it up, don't disappear. We know you have many places to go. But you please stay back around here.
We love you💗

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